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Mortgage Consulting

Mortgage consulting services offer mortgage companies and banks assistance in developing and growing a mortgage operation, creating efficiencies, motivating and training sales people, and analyzing systems and processes to achieve maximum performance.

Milestone's mortgage consulting will create the foundation to help clients:
• Establish and grow a mortgage business
• Create efficiencies
• Motivate and train mortgage sales people
• Analyze systems and processes
• Develop a method to measure quantifiable results

With over 25 years of business experience working with high-level executives in the mortgage lending industry, these tools will ensure your quantifiable results. Milestone owner and Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) Julie Piepho contributes an additional level of expertise as one of 10 CMB professionals within the state of Colorado.

Photo of Julie Piepho receiving CMB certification with Mile Rosser, CMB, National Accounts Manager, AIG/UGIC.

Consultation services in the fields of leadership training, personal development, project management and mortgage procurement. milestone
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