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Strategic Planning

What is your strategy?

The best way to begin strategy development is to really understand who you are and what you do. Are you in business to consult or are you in the consulting business, as an example? They are two very different things.

Strategic planning establishes who you are, what you do, and your target market. Milestone Leadership Consulting offers clients strategic planning services to ensure you are reaching the appropriate target market, and acknowledging key competitors. Using this information as a base, clients are then able to:

• Determine how to reach a specific target market through various mediums
• Project and analyze revenue and expenses
• Forecast maximum and minimum year-end results
• Measure three-year future projection of market viability
• Compare and analyze current reality vs. three-year market projection

This key information is used to create more detailed goals to achieve within a specific time frame. Strategic planning services can also be combined with business planning, which is a more detailed analysis of services and current challenges.


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