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"I know now that I really can turn my dreams into a reality! I learned how to set goals and create steps to achieve them."
Teen Team Member
Colorado Parks and Recreation

"Julie Piepho brings that rare skill of business acumen and people skills to her consulting and coaching clients. She will keep you focused on your stategy, moving toward your desired future, and help you delegate the details."
Patrick Williams, Ed.D, MCC
CEO, Institute for Life Coach Training

"The 'Piepho' plan stresses the importance of having a clear vision of where you wish to go. This is an invaluable tool for a leader because it helps to keep you focused on the direction in which you should be headed while honestly assessing whether you have the tools to get there."
John F. Settles, Partner, Invision Mortgage, Inc.

"Some people share the force and power of their mind. Yet they do this with heart and passion. They live a good life--full and earnest. And they change their world and the world. This person is you....Julie"
Shelley Kerr, Realtor, The Group, Inc. Real Estate

"Thank you so much for speaking to my classes yesterday. You are just the kind of role model they love to see! You have been such a tremendous help to our Summit Fund this year! Your support and incredible generosity and hospitality are unbelievable! No wonder you are so successful."
Glory Burns--Instructor, CSU Dept of Finance

"We didn't get a chance to meet today at the Windsor Business Women's Network lunch, but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to you. "Stepping out of my box" has been my mantra over the last few months as I've transitioned into a new career in real estate. Thanks again for an enjoyable luncheon!"
Sue Collier-Crawford-Neal GMAC Real Estate

“Unlike many in our business, Julie is not about impressing people. She is about getting results and having fun while doing it!”
Chuck Ohmer, retired
EVP—Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

“She is captivating, dynamic and able to hold the attention of an audience with ease.”
Katrina Pfannkuch, owner, Buzzword Marketing Communications, LLC

“Julie has taught me to make choices that honor who I am and help me to reach my greatest potential.”
Jody Wettach, mortgage operations manager, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

“Julie understands strategic planning and how to apply critical thinking skills in order to successfully implement plans and achieve corporate objectives.”
E. Michael Rosser, CMB
National Accounts Manager, AIG/UGIC

"In motivating our volunteers, Julie combined her unique speaking style with a fantastic sense of humor. She had the audience captivated and laughing at the same time. Julie's high energy level and ability to inspire people is clearly demonstrated in her work. Thank you Julie! We hope you will speak again this year!"
Sonja Schuh, Membership Coordinator, Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce

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