Strategic Gap Analysis

Strategic Gap Analysis & Implementation Planning

Strategic planning is a great start. But on paper it’s just an idea; it needs to be put into action. 

The projects created as a result of the strategic planning phase need to be managed closely. Milestone Leadership Consulting works with a client to establish timeframes and accountabilities as measurement tools. This helps Milestone to provide an accurate perspective and provide a clear understanding of the gaps. 

Gaps are the disparities between a current situation and future goals. Milestone works with the client to assess these gaps, and develop effective implementation plans to overcome hurdles that may inhibit a client from reaching stated goals.

Implementation Plans

Implementation planning assists individuals and organizations with creating plans, putting them into action, and getting results. In order to activate strategies and projects effectively, it is important to employ an implementation plan that maintains goals and achieves desired end results. 

Milestone Leadership Consulting helps individuals and organizations develop action plans and transform them from paper into reality. They work with clients to ensure key areas are included in their specific plan. When all of these elements are combined, clients have the ability to measure progress and attain quantifiable results. 

Key tools used in Milestone’s program include:
• Timeframes
• Management tools
• Budgets
• Success measures
• Accountabilities
• Alternative courses of action

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