The tips section offers an opportunity to provide helpful tips for all areas of your life. You’ll find little bits of information that Milestone Leadership Consulting has gained over the years that can help you to harness the power inside of you to become your best.

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Leadership Consulting Tips

  1. Listen with an empty cup—if your mental cup isn’t empty you can’t listen and learn.
  2. Understand most conversation is about the other person—not you.
  3. Set aside your opinion while listening to others—it allows you to “try on” what’s being said.
  4. Joining people in their conversation, not yours, allows you to open up your power of selflessness.
  5. View others as who they could be—not who they have been.
  6. Understand what the “home runs” in your life are.
  7. Define who you are—not what you do.
  8. Look at complaints as a commitment to change the circumstances.
  9. A promise is your word—once you promise something, you can’t take it back, unless that other person allows you to.
  10. Don’t issue commitments as intentions—most people understand commitments as promises and will hold you accountable.


Personal Presence Tips

  1. Look people in the eyes when having a conversation with them.
  2. How you walk into a room gives your audience their first impression of you.
  3. Listen to your voice tone—is it full of energy and passion or full of monotones and void of excitement?
  4. When telling an audience you are happy about something, make sure you’ve told your face that also.
  5. Leaning forward into a conversation portrays your focus on that person and conversation.
  6. Stride with purpose—don’t purposefully stride.
  7. Give a warm firm handshake, not a limp or hand breaking one.
  8. Don’t allow your hands to distract your audience from your message. Your hands may be telling another story than your spoken word.
  9. Wear clothes you feel good in and receive energy from.
  10. Smile!


Customer Service Tips

  1. Ask how you may help.
  2. Listen—-don’t put your opinion or viewpoint into their dialogue.
  3. Remember the Golden Rule.
  4. Define what would be “wow” service that will make you stand out from others in your business.
  5. The customer signs the paycheck—not the CFO or President of the company.
  6. Understand the customer’s needs—not yours.
  7. Most often customers who make a complaint want to be heard and their needs understood—-many times no further action may be required.
  8. Share the customer complaints with the employees—allow them to be part of the solution.
  9. Measure and incent on customer service.
  10. Make the customer service experience magical!

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