Language of Leadership
A workshop, developed by Pioneering Management Possibilities, Inc., that engages participants in a valuable inquiry that adds clarity and power to their commitments.  Each participant receives a concise and useful learning experience and exercise that can be applied to their everyday challenges.  The workshop identifies the differences between leadership, management and coaching.

Audience:  General, anyone interested in obtaining personal mastery in their life.
Time:  3 hour workshop.

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A workshop that begins by helping you gain a useful perspective of your current reality or current situation. After identifying your core values and understanding how they lead your life, you will start to awaken to a future of possibilities that have only existed in dreams before.   You will understand the creative process to access your inner brillance and be inspired and empowered to move forward in the life you want.

Audience:  Women who are ready to awaken their OUTRAGEOUS potential.

Time:  One day workshop.

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